My New Venture & FREE Coaching Opportunity

Hello friends! I wanted to make a quick announcement about the new direction I’m going in with my coaching, and about a very special offer I have available for FREE coaching from me. Here’s a post I wrote about it - I hope to hear from you soon!

Are you sensitive? Do you feel other people’s energies almost as clearly as your own? Do you find yourself overeating - even against your will - to deal with the intensity of emotion you have on a daily basis? 

I get it: I’ve always been sensitive, I’ve always loved food, and I carried an extra 15-20 pounds my entire adult life. I’ve spent hours eating mindlessly to buffer the anxiety I felt from the energy of everyone around me and all the stressful news in the world (not to mention my own emotional baggage). 

Then, to combat the weight I’d gained, I spent other times obsessing about food so I could keep my weight controlled - sort of. It was exhausting, and I spent hours focused on food and exercise and beating myself up instead of doing things I actually wanted to DO with my life.

Now, look: I love my body. I learned to love it then, and I love it now. It was hard at times, but I did my best to stay focused on the good - how capable and fun and beautiful my body was despite our disagreement about how much she should weigh. ;-) 

Unfortunately, body positivity alone didn’t change my weight even ONE pound. I still always weighed a little more than I wanted, and I never felt like the woman in the mirror was the real me. My weight was “normal” enough, though, that no one ever believed I could have an emotional eating problem. And I STILL kept feeling all those damn feelings, and kept overeating to give myself some sort of relief.

What changed was when I finally learned (and applied) the tools I needed to set proper energetic boundaries and manage my thoughts, so I could stop wanting food SO DAMN MUCH. Seriously: I actually just desire food way, way less now. It’s not the answer to any of my problems (except regular ol’ physical hunger), and when I eat, it’s just to fuel my body.

I’ll be honest with you: being skinnier is awesome! I’m super close to my natural weight, which I now know is even lower than I could have dreamed. I already weigh as little as I did when I started high school, and although I still have eight pounds to go before my new, improved goal, I feel better and lighter than I have in years. AND, I fit into my skinny jeans without feeling like an overstuffed sausage! 

But. The BEST part is actually not that I’m thinner - it’s the quiet in my mind around food. When I manage my mind, I NEVER have to debate with myself about what to eat. When I’m stressed or tired or hungry, I don’t argue with myself about carbs. I just eat what I planned to eat, when I planned to eat it, and that’s it. About once a week I eat a joy meal (also planned), then I go back to my regular eating. There’s no more drama, no more negotiation, no more beating myself up, and no more obsessing. It’s just…quiet. 


It’s amazing.

If you want to feel that quiet too, fill out this application for the FREE (yes, free) 6-week Weight Loss for Empaths program ( -this version is free, and it’s a limited time offer.) 

I’ll teach you the tools you need to stop eating your feelings (and other people’s), set healthy emotional boundaries, and lose the extra weight you’ve been carrying once and for all. 

I’m offering this for FREE to 10 people because I’m preparing both my personal weight loss coaching technique and this specific program for launch. I’ve been a spiritual coach and intuitive for over three years, so I’m already a very good coach. But I want to be sure that my weight loss coaching is also at the absolute highest level I’m capable of, so I’m launching a test round. 

You should know, though, what I’ll be teaching you has been tested by my own coach over 14 years, and it’s hands down the best coaching AND weight loss method I’ve ever come across. I’ve been doing self-help literally since I was seven years old, so I don’t say that lightly. If you apply this work, it WILL change your life. 

So that’s what you’ll be getting: my best coaching, my love and attention, and the most incredible tools in the world, to help you lose the weight you want and keep it off, permanently. I’m going to knock your socks off so you give me amazing testimonials and so you can keep blowing your OWN mind with what you can accomplish. And yes, it’s FREE. So…take me up on this crazy-good offer before it fills up! 

If you’re ready to permanently change your weight, your mind, and your life, fill out this application by Wednesday, December 5: I’ll be accepting 10 women who are dedicated to doing the crap out of this work! 

Please get your application in now. Do NOT wait. If you’re tired of the drama around food and feelings, I want YOU to have this amazing opportunity to change your life, for good. Here’s the link again: Let’s do this.