Don't Buffer - Do It.

On our call this week, a client asked me if I thought the way she was planning to do something was the best way to do it.

I heard myself say, “Doing it is ALWAYS the best way to do it.”

It’s true, you know?

For the record, I’ve been:

  • A dreamer

  • A thinker

  • An OVERthinker

  • A chronic planner

  • A list-maker (God, I love lists. Love them.)

Y’all, I use spreadsheets for Thanksgiving and throwing parties. MULTIPLE spreadsheets. One for ingredients, one for timing of dishes, one for activities.

(By the way, THAT is a Certified Genius Move and I’m not apologizing for it, just…making it clear how like to I approach things.)

My point is, I love the pre-process of coming up with ideas and laying them out in the right order with the supplies all listed and all the steps timed.

There are many times when that’s the best way to take on a task.

Figure it all out ahead of time and lay out the details and then stick to them.

It’s great for time-based events like an opera or an intricate party, or, yes, hosting Thanksgiving.

But MANY things in life do not need this. most of them don’t even BENEFIT from it.

Yeah, sometimes my planning bites me in the ass. Like when I’m using it to avoid doing the scary thing I’ve said I’ll do, so instead, I…make a spreadsheet.

It’s SO EASY to take refuge in planning, and thinking, and “figuring out what’s best.”

But it doesn’t get anything done. And you can tell when you’re planning to streamline, versus when you’re planning to plan. You know it inside as soon as you give it any attention.

It feels like disappointment, because it is. It’s not going to lead to a result you like and your body knows it.

So this is my official reminder to you that the best way to do it is to DO IT.

Do The Thing.

Let it be wrong.

Let yourself fail.

Building a business? Let yourself fail.

Making new friends? Let yourself fail.

Working on your confidence? Let yourself fail.

Your WILLINGNESS and ABILITY to fail and move on from it are the skills that will get you where you want to be. Not doing it perfectly.

In short:

Try a new thing.

Fuck it up.

Suck it up.

Repeat as necessary.

Love you guys.