Thought Work vs. Energy Work?

One of the things I think about a lot is how to reconcile thought work with energy work.

I love them both. They’ve both changed my life. They also seem like they don’t go together at all - woo and logic? - but they absolutely do.

Let me explain.

Anytime you’re working with energy, you’re working with subconscious thought. It’s packets of vibration that we can look at and understand, but that exists before we usually identify it using words.

Subconscious thoughts are still thoughts, but they’re just under our normal level of awareness. When we read a horoscope and it resonates, that’s because our energy (our subconscious thoughts) are aligned enough with it that it matches.

The interesting thing is that doesn’t mean it’s true; it means it doesn’t contradict our energy enough that we feel that it’s “off.” So if you believe that whatever your horoscope says is going to happen, you’re aligned with literally whatever it says.

The important thing to note here is that energy work is NOT dictating what we are GOING to think or feel, or what’s going to happen; it’s reflecting to us what we ARE thinking or feeling, currently.

We are still always in charge of our thoughts, and through those, our feelings. It’s still our job to become aware of our thoughts and then interpret and manage them in a way that serves us.

This is a huge distinction. So often in empathic circles, we’re taught to believe that we need to follow an astrologer or a psychic to find out what’s going to happen to us. That’s disempowerment, and it’s not true. You can absolutely take charge of your own trajectory, and not lose a smidge of your beautiful sensitive nature.