New Tool Tuesday - Belief Bank!

Hello, loves! My birthday was ten days ago - Happy (belated) Birthday to me!

As a present to me and you, I came up with a concept that’s really helped me understand mindset, and how to use it effectively.

I want you to imagine that when you have a new goal - be it making your next $5k (or your first), losing 50 pounds, or finding the love of your life - you open up a bank account for that goal. This is your Belief Bank.

Every time you choose to practice a thought that supports your goal, like “I’m learning how to do this,” I’m figuring it out,” “this is going to be fun,” you’re making a deposit in your belief bank. And every time you practice a thought that takes you away from it, you’re making a withdrawal.

When you can generate a feeling that goes along with it, like excitement, or commitment, or optimism, you’re making an even bigger deposit. And when you take action from one of those positive places - your deposit is even bigger.

Simple, right?

The only trick is that we don’t know exactly how much belief it takes to fill up the account - we just know what it will feel like: Certainty. When we actually believe, 100%, we’ll know it because we will HAVE that thing we’ve been dreaming of! And until then, we have to practice faith in the Belief Bank to do its work of saving up all the belief we generate.

I love the Belief Bank because it makes it so simple to understand why mindset is so important - why it’s vital to our goals that we consistently practice thoughts that serve us, and generate feelings that fuel us. It’s not just a pretty thing to do with your mind, it’s everything. When we look at the Model, our thoughts are the source of every result we create - so we want to make sure we like what we put in there!

The other really exciting thing about the Belief Bank is that when it gets to a certain amount, we can transfer some of that belief to another account - and when we get it high enough, we can even live off the interest! It’s so exciting.

Remember, every goal that you want to achieve is just a certain amount of belief away. Choose your thoughts on purpose, and build that account balance up!