New Tool Tuesday - Belief Deposit Box!

Okay, I hope you read last week’s post on the Belief Bank, because this builds on that concept!

If you remember, the Belief Bank is the idea that when you want to achieve a goal, it’s like you’re opening a bank account for that goal, and you put belief in until you save enough belief to achieve it.

The Belief Deposit Box is similar - but instead of choosing beliefs for a specific goal, these are the most important, valuable beliefs you have. These are the mental version of your birth certificate and your passport; they’re things that you will turn to again and again throughout your life.

Many of us have accidental beliefs in our BDB. Things we were told or taught as children, lessons we learned form intense experiences - not beliefs we chose on purpose to guide and nurture ourselves, but beliefs that, when we look at them, don’t lead us to results that we like. Thoughts like “You can’t have everything,” “I’m just not a creative type,” “I’m not a lucky person,” “You can’t trust people,” may seem like they’re just facts, or good ways to stay safe, but they’re actually self-fulfilling prophecies. I promise you, no one ever embarked on a successful painting career by thinking about how they didn’t think they could do it.

It’s our duty to look hard at what we have in our Belief Deposit Box. Take everything out - feel in the back - vacuum the dust - and only put back the beliefs that truly serve you.

I am 100% lovable.

I can figure anything out.

The Universe has my back.

I deeply and completely love, honor, and accept myself, no matter what.

People are fascinating, and inherently doing their best.

I am always surrounded by blessings.

When you choose supportive, uplifting beliefs to base your life on, you’re setting yourself up for success. Deciding what you’re going to believe is true about you and the world around you, ahead of time, is one the most powerful practices you can possibly have - and when you practice it over and over, you increase the potency of this tool.

Choose your unshakable beliefs. What do you choose to believe about yourself? About the world? Other people? Select carefully - you can pick anything you want, so make sure it’s the best.