November 21, 2015

Right now, I'm focusing on re-building the momentum I had in my business a few months ago. I had a lot going on this summer, and since early fall, I've had several difficult family situations come up (my grandmother died, my step-grandfather's much less accessible to us due to some friction with his son, an aunt's in the hospital and her health is very poor), so I've been dealing with a lot emotionally. 

But I'm falling back in love with my work, and with my journey. If I can't feel ecstatic about it all the time, I can still choose to do the things that are the best for me and my business, and more often than not that re-inspires me. I'm grateful for the chance to run a business, and I want to take advantage of the many advantages I have, if that makes sense. I'm more aware of my privileges all the time, and it's up to me to live in a way that demonstrates real gratitude for them, and respect for others with and without matching privileges.

So even though some days, it's a struggle to feel up to doing the work, it's the job I have in front of me at the moment. And it's a good one. Right now, I'm glad to be me. 


Currently reading: 

A People's History of the United States - It's amazing, but a total bummer, so I'm heavily interspersing much lighter books as well, such as...

Maisie Dobbs - I read this series leading up to and while recovering from my surgery at the beginning of the month. It's very addictive (I read the first eight books in six days) and an interesting take on the typical detective novel. It's set in England between WWI and WWII and has some good observations on class issues. 


Current projects:

Mindset work, consisting of (a) saying new beliefs I wrote with as much emotion as I can, (b) visualizing outcomes I desire in great detail, and (c) asking questions and then listening for answers, meditatively.

Cleaning sugar out of my diet..again. 


Last updated 21 November, 2015