November 2017

I'm still living in Portland, Oregon, although I'm considering a move to a bigger city. I'm currently re-designing my coaching business to focus on helping women stop underearning - money, time, love, etc. I'm very excited about this, as it ties together all the aspects of coaching that I'm passionate about! It's nice to feel so excited again. It's also caused me to raise my income goals quite a bit, which feels like an appropriate and timely challenge. 

I'm learning Spanish, using Benny Lewis' book Language Hacking Spanish, having conversations on italki, and attending local Spanish Conversation Meetups; turns out I love Spanish. I love the way it feels when I speak satisfying. I'm also in Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts advanced course, called Creation. I took her Mastery program this year and it changed my life, so this is a continuation of that work, and it's just...transformative. In a "I-set-my-life-on-fire-now-what" sort of way. If you're a woman, or you know one, Mama Gena is the way to go: her latest book is called Pussy: A Reclamation, and it's awesome. (I don't get money from this, I just love what she's done for me.) Within that course, I'm leading a group on underearning and one on racial justice, which are two of my favorite things. 

As for my personal life, I've made the decision to not date anyone for a while, which feels FANTASTIC. I'm really enjoying focusing on myself, my friendships, my business, my feels good. I'm experimenting with eating a lot less meat, which is different from the meat-heavy version of Paleo I was doing before. Still no gluten, few grains, few legumes, and little dairy...basically a ton of non-starchy vegetables. So far, so good. 

I'm looking forward to visiting New York in December with my sister for a Mama Gena event, and traveling to PA to stay with one of my besties for a bit. I'm planning to do more travel this year, too; I have my sights set on LA, Vancouver, BC, London, and Europe, as well as more trips to NYC! This both thrills and scares me.