Spirit Guide Session

During a Spirit Guide Session, we'll connect over the phone, and I'll tune into your personal, non-physical guides. You'll be able to ask questions of them, and I'll channel the answers they give me. This often includes specific tools for growth work and business ideas or instructions, and words of comfort and wisdom from immeasurably loving spiritual beings. 

This method of checking in with your inner guidance is phenomenal, because you're told exactly what you need to know, but you don't get any of the mental chatter that muddies the way (we're getting the info right from Source)! This is a fast, awesome way of cutting through your confusion and lighting the way forward for occasional tune-ups.



Spirit Guide Session - Single

We connect and I tune into your personal non-physical guides. You ask questions, I channel answers. It's the fastest way of cutting through confusion and lighting the way forward - and guides are usually pretty funny, too.

(Single session, 45 minutes, over the phone.)

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Spirit Guide Sessions - Package of 3

Same as the single session, but three times as much fun! Perfect for guiding you through an issue that you just need a little assistance with, plus you save $15. 

(Package of 3, 45 minutes each, over the phone.)

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