This is an intense half-day of private coaching to create major shifts, and two 45-minute follow-up sessions in the weeks after to maintain them. The VIP Day is intended to help you move boldly forward. For example, you might create massive clarity around self-sabotage or confidence, break through a major money block, create a step-by-step plan for your business, or digest and release a relationship.

During the coaching, we'll identify and choose the changes you desire, call out which obstacles are in your way, and use research-backed coaching and tools to gently but firmly remove them. Because we'll be finding and healing the roots of your issues, you can rest assured that the changes we make will be lasting.

These sessions can be quite intense, so I'll also provide you with intuitive guidance and energy healing as needed, using my professional training as an intuitive, chakra and energy healer, Reiki practitioner, and Akashic records healer.