I believe that the world is an incredibly beautiful place. 

I believe that joy can be found in every moment.

I believe that we're all doing the best we can, and when we help each other, we can do even better. 

I'm Tsipa Swan, and I'm a life coach.

I'm committed to helping people improve their lives through intuitive guidance, emotional support, collected wisdom, and science-backed tools for lasting change. 


I used to think that if I could learn to be different, I would be happy. I came from a place of such trauma, such pain, such confusion, that all I could think to do was change myself in hopes that things would get better.

I worked on that project for the better part of three decades, changing everything I could think of: my hair, my voice, my face, my clothes, my education, my mind, my feelings. A complete overhaul. 

But I still wasn't happy. I was happiER, but I still carried pain with me, carried trauma, carried confusion. I didn't think I knew myself at all. 

So I went deeper inside. I got to know myself, chose to love every bit of me that I could find, loved myself not just emotionally, but verbally, mentally, physically; I adored and adored myself more and more until I realized that I was meeting me for the first time, and that this time, I didn't want to change a thing. 

And now? I don't want to be different. 

It turns out that being different wasn't what I needed after all.

I needed to be, differently.

I'm more myself than ever, because I've gotten rid of all the layers of information
that were obscuring my inner knowing.

I'm happier than ever, because I know that inside of me lies a greater truth
than I could possibly hope to have found outside.

I'm truer than ever, because I learned how to welcome every emotion. Every challenge. I've learned how to process every bit of trauma, pain, and confusion without running from it. 

If you'd like help learning how to do the same, please get in touch. I'd love to help you love yourself as deliciously as you deserve. 

I was struggling with limiting beliefs around money, and not finding people who would pay for my courses. After just one session with Tsipa, I felt way more positive, and excited about the future, like a big weight was taken off my shoulders - EVERYTHING is possible! She’s an amazing coach!
— Selina, Lifestyle Coach/Author
All I can say is that, at the crucial moment when I felt like I was losing my mind, Tsipa swooped in and - with just a few words - turned my ship around. Thank you!
— Ali, Astrologer
From working with Tsipa, I was able to shift my mindset, uncover deeply hidden negative emotions and overcome mental blocks that were hindering my future happiness! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for providing me with relief from an internal battle I’ve been struggling with for years!
— Jillian, Business Strategist/Coach

What My clients have Achieved

  • Made $10,000+ her first month in business
  • Signed a publishing contract for her first book
  • Launched a highly profitable location-independent coaching business
  • Created and published an empowering children's coloring book
  • Created and launched a retail artisanal beverage
  • Returned to college for a Master's degree in Therapy
  • Quit a toxic workplace
  • Ended an abusive relationship
  • Created and launched a vegan, organic skin care line

Photo this page by Kelly Mooney