This isn’t just about mindset; this is about trauma: the collective trauma that we’ve all been through, crimes against women or women of color or queer women, about the ways in which every time we step out of the door or open Facebook we see another dozen examples of the old toxic systems cutting our fellow humans down and stepping on them so some corrupt, twisted soul can get a thrill of power. This is about the individual trauma that some of us have been through, about the hurt little girl inside us that doesn’t understand why daddy did those things to her because there IS NO understanding, not with a thousand books on the Law of Attraction or a million mindset courses. The little girl who knows how wrong it is to be screamed at or hit or told “you can’t play with me because my mom said you’re dirty.” Those wounds are something that not everyone understands even if they’ve BEEN through it because not everyone has the ability to perceive the million cuts a day or to process them. And we’re not just processing for US, we’re processing for our ancestors, for the generations that came before us, who couldn’t speak truth to power. Our parents and grandparents couldn’t say the same things we can, couldn’t call out the abusers and the cheaters and the thieves the way we can, they couldn’t speak their own truths about so much of what they truly felt, so the pain of generations is contained WITHIN us, and it’s up for us to heal. 


But you can’t do that with a mindset course. You have to go into your soul and do the deep extractions, the underwater excavations, you have to get into the muck and the swamp and pull out what’s been lying in there, not rotting, but preserved for you to finally face and heal. THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE HERE TO DO. You are HERE to heal these wounds for yourself, for those who came before you, for those who come after you, and for everyone you touch. YOUR HEALING is what will drive our planet forward; not your allegiance to the status quo. YOUR HEALING is the answer to why the courses haven’t been working, why you still can’t make a budget, why you don’t have the clients you want, whatever. It’s not about needing more skills, it’s about applying the skill YOU ALREADY HAVE, the skill that has been yours from birth, to the one issue that will determine the course of your life: How good are you with you? Have you made peace with every awful thing you’ve ever done, with every thought you’ve had? Have you forgiven your attackers? Have you called that rape by its name? Have you gone into the wilderness to seek out your shame and love it until it and you break down, weeping? 

And have you recognized the actual glory of the body and the soul that is called you? How many times a day do you stare in wonder at your own perfect face, your arms, your belly, your pussy? Do you love the cells of your cellulite, or are you still cursing them for blemishing your flesh? Stop right now, put your hand on your heart, and say out loud to your body, “My dearest, darling body, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I forgive you. I love you.” 


The Gospel of Thomas says that if you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you. This is not just the light and the kindness; it’s the rage and the terror and the grief and the pain and the shame and the longing and every ugly, inconvenient, squirming, embarrassing piece of you that you would really rather not share, thanks very much, it’s the parts of you that you put concealer on, or that you’ve learned to begrudgingly accept but figure they’re the reason no one will every really love you. It’s the time you played “I’ll show you mine” with the neighbor girl and your mom caught you. It’s the cheap shot you took at the kid everyone else was already picking on, because for once, at least it wasn’t you. They’re the lover you coerced into sex before he was ready because you were just so fucking angry at men and you knew you could be the one in charge this time. These things must come out of you and be witnessed by another who can hold your sacredness within herself no matter what proof you give, and  tell you that you are SO loved. No matter what. Your deep, dank secrets are as holy within you as the most noble, artistic sacrifices and BOTH must emerge for you to have what you desire. 


This is not about mindset. This is a much deeper, richer work; this is the work of mermaids and queens and goddesses, the work that’s been waiting for you since the dawn of time. THIS is the work that will save your soul and take you into another level of expansion, past the money mindset millionaires and the get-paid-now gurus. The world is rebirthing herself and she is WAITING for you to join her. 


Come do your work with me. 


what others are saying: 

I was struggling with limiting beliefs around money, and not finding people who would pay for my courses. After just one session with Tsipa, I felt way more positive, and excited about the future, like a big weight was taken off my shoulders - EVERYTHING is possible! She’s an amazing coach!
— Selina, Lifestyle Coach/Author
All I can say is that, at the crucial moment when I felt like I was losing my mind, Tsipa swooped in and - with just a few words - turned my ship around. Thank you!
— Ali, Astrologist
After one hour with Tsipa, I was able to shift my mindset, uncover deeply hidden negative emotions and overcome mental blocks that were hindering my future happiness! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for providing me with relief from an internal battle I’ve been struggling with for years!
— Jillian, Business Strategist
Tsipa lifted my confidence and gave me so much positive energy. During her session, I realized what I really wanted to do and what would make my heart sing! I highly recommend Tsipa as a coach to any of my friends!
— Hiromi, Business Owner/Advisor
I had doubts that coaching would make a difference, but afterward I felt lighter, like I popped a personal bubble. Tsipa really helped me get back to basics and feel safe and connected again. I’ve already recommended her - she genuinely cares!
— Kirsten, Editor/Business Coach
Just wanted to say huge thanks for our inspiring session - our work on money mindset was absolutely invaluable. I’ve started to notice all the extra money that’s coming my way and was pleasantly surprised! I even received a new iPhone, worth 600 pounds, totally free!
— Austeja, Singer/Coach
Choosing Tsipa as my success coach has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long, long time! She knows exactly how to coax the best out of you. If you’re thinking of taking the leap toward a better future, take that leap with Tsipa as your coach. You will not regret it for one second!
— Del, Entrepreneur

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